Building Commissioning (BC) Is The Most Complete, Systematic Approach To Ensure That The Operatio …

This results in maximized energy savings, cost savings, improved facility reliability, and enhanced productivity. More importantly, BC ensures maximum sustainable development by removing uncertainty from building design and selection. In other words, BC is responsible for the planning, design and implementation of HVAC systems, including HVAC air balancing services.

BC’s five distinct approaches allow for the development of sustainable buildings by optimizing building maintenance and energy efficiency. The balanced scorecard approach identifies building aspects that influence costs, such as site features, floor coverings, exterior finishes, and equipment. BC’s “all risk” approach and multi-stage processes to identify and address the full range of potential influences on building expenses and ultimately the building’s performance. Finally, the use of mitigation strategies and building controls helps to reduce the likelihood of future safety concerns.

When it comes to implementing BC, it begins with an assessment of the building’s current operations using comprehensive assessments methodologies. An effective BC program will first determine the existing conditions that require changes and then begin to design a new facility to achieve anticipated results. The focus of any new construction is on the effectiveness of the existing facility. By incorporating proven energy-efficient building techniques, HVAC services, and effective ventilation solutions, a building can be designed to conserve energy and save money.A building’s “green” status is indicated by a LEED certified logo or the use of 1651 N Glenville Dr. Ste 201 renewable energy, and by a Green Scorecard approach that determines the value of a building through its environmental impact.

The balanced scorecard methodology identifies seven BC components: building location and design; building maintenance and energy efficiency; building occupant experience; building occupant interaction and safety; building occupant use and activity patterns; building occupant transportation and entry; building occupant access and privacy; and building occupant safety. To measure these components, surveyors take into account the characteristics of the building structure, the use of equipment employed, the number of people permitted to occupy each floor, and the average time spent for daily activities inside the building. This information is then weighted to provide a complete building profile that is used to create an accurate BC assessment.

One of the most important components of a successful BC program is the implementation of a CMMS or Computerized Building Management Software.CMMS is a computer-based tool that allows a building owner to determine all United States of America of the performance metrics that are associated with the building and to track those metrics over time. All staff and management are then trained in the use of CMMS to perform a wide variety of performance monitoring checks and reporting. In addition to building performance, CMMS can also be used to create sustainable building designs by analyzing building foundation systems, the condition of roofing, the state of staircases, and other key areas of the building that can contribute to poor building maintenance.

As building commissioning is a complex process, it is crucial that the BC’s focus is not on one-time performance improvements but rather on long-term investments in building operations and practices that will ensure that the building gets better over time. As a BC, your greatest job is to be an active participant in making sure your building gets better every year.You must continue to train your staff so that hvac test and balance they can provide comprehensive Rirchardson assessments on all aspects of the building and report back to you using objective building metrics. The result of good BC training and continued BC participation is a building that is safer, more energy-efficient, and more cost-effective, generating a positive carbon footprint that stays low over time. A successful building commissioning process also ensures that your building stays compliant with state and local building codes
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Building Commissioning (BC) Is The Most Complete, Systematic Approach To Ensure That The Operatio ...