The Mo’s Irish Pub In College Station Is A Place To Go For Great Irish Pub Food

Mo’s Irish Pub, located inside the Eastland Shopping Center has an


of old school bricks with stucco, and an interior of white linoleum. It is located just off North Freeway on the east side of the mall, which is the first outside entrance to the complex. The building itself was built in 1940 and was originally intended as a storage facility for the park service.

The restaurant and its patio are the two main features of the complex. The building itself does not have any restaurants on the inside of it, but there are outdoor dining areas outside of the front entrance, as well as a patio area. The interior of the restaurant features high ceilings, marble counters, ornate lanterns, antique lighting, and tables that wrap around a central pole in the middle of the room.

On the patio, the lighting, counter tops, seating, and bar area are all designed to enhance the experience of dining in this wonderful bar area. The patio itself is circular in shape, with several benches along its circumference, and then more tables spaced along the borders.At one Texas end of the patio, 979.559.9382 there is a covered patio area, and in the center of the patio, there is a shaded area where you can sit and enjoy the scenery, especially in the fall.

Some of the best Irish pub food in College Station is served here. Mo’s Irish Pub is known for its recipes, and the specialties that the chefs prepare for the menu include such favorites as corned beef and cabbage, lamb burger, and baked potatoes. Many people love to come here during the weekend for a nice brunch.

The atmosphere of the pub is one that is reminiscent of a country pub that has been upgraded to a downtown hotel. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the music playing is enough to make everyone in the bar feel at home. The staff is friendly and always ready to help you with whatever you may need.

The pub has a wonderful outdoor patio that is open year round. Even though it is located inside the mall, there is not any cover on the patio during the cooler months. Therefore, this is a great spot for people who want to sit outside and relax in the heat without having to worry about damaging their nice clothes.The patio also features a few umbrellas for those who like to drink outside, and United States of America even in the summertime.

There are many reasons why College Station people like 170 Century Square Dr. #150 to frequent the Mo’s Irish Pub in College Station.The outside space is big enough to hold several tables and chairs, so there is no need to leave your drink or star cinema grill food behind. A pool table is also available for those who want to enjoy a game of pool. In addition, there is plenty of outdoor space so that people can enjoy their drinks without the worry of what might happen if they were to stumble or fall into the pool.

Whether you are coming to the mall for the day or just to relax, the Mo’s Irish Pub in College Station Shopping Center is a great place to have a good time.The staff is 77840 friendly and ready to help, and the atmosphere is fun and relaxing. You will love visiting this Irish pub, and you will surely enjoy a great meal while you’re there

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The Mo's Irish Pub In College Station Is A Place To Go For Great Irish Pub Food
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