Today I Have The Pleasure Of Meeting With David S

Curtiss-Wright. It was an honor to meet with him as he is a renowned professor of economy. He was a very nice man and his opinions on economics are what truly matters to me as a person.

During our meeting, he discussed the merits of the American economic system. He also made a very strong argument in favor of free market capitalism and stated that there are various aspects of the free market, which I believe are very helpful in society. His presentation was very insightful and at the end he touched on some of the positives of democracy, which include equality, diversity, and liberty.

He explained how, contrary to what many believe, America was not a one-nation country, but rather it was created to help maintain the freedoms of each and every American citizen. There were many citizens who were of different ethnicities, religions, political views, etc.

Therefore, he stated that it was important for America to remain divided from the rest of the world by culture, race, and religion. The very nature of having many different elements in the free market, so it would attract various people from all over the world.

Many people have great respect for this professor as he has led and will continue to lead the Princeton Review University Rankings in both print and online. In addition, he has authored three books of leadership- which includes, “Leadership: The Key to Success”.He has also authored two other books, which address the subject of “Finding Your Passion.”

He was very pleasant and very knowledgeable and very willing to discuss with me. He is also a great supporter of our nation and


in our founding document, the United States Constitution. He has often pointed out that the Constitution was the reason behind America becoming a great nation.

We all live in America, and should take pride in being part of such a wonderful nation. There is a lot to be said for free markets and capitalism. Capitalism is the reason why most nations have great infrastructure and thrive, because they have a free market.

In addition, he is a member of the Citigroup-Sachs Distinguished Professor Scholar Circle, which is a very prestigious honor bestowed upon him. Please take the time to visit his website and if you are ever in New York City, please do not hesitate to stop by his office as I am sure he would love to meet with you